Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Snuff 'em or Snatch 'em?

TV news has been nattering about whether to launch a drone strike against an unnamed American working for the Taliban, or Al Quada, or some terrorist outfit. Drone strike means a hit with a Hellfire anti tank missile, and that's lethal.  Target will never talk again.
   We ought to fly some troops in by helicopter, snatch him, and bring him home for grilling.  If the nogoodnick is worth a drone strike, surely he knows something that we would like to know.  Like we did on Bin Laden, only take the bum alive.
   Or do we fear US courts setting him free after we get him back to Gitmo?  Or does the Obama administration prefer to snuff 'em rather than put them into Gitmo?   Or do we lack the stones to waterboard him til he talks?  You'd think if we are ready to kill him, that we wouldn't flinch from a little third degree.

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