Thursday, February 20, 2014


Looks like they have a good little civil war going there.  One side is on our side.  We wish them well.  We ought to give them diplomatic and public relations support.  But we cannot give them military support.  Ukraine is right next to Russia, and the Russians look on it as estranged Russian territory.  They won't allow US military action in Ukraine.  They will oppose us, with the full force of their army, fighting close to home, on home soil.  We don't want to get into a fight with the Russians.  They can probably beat an American expeditionary force operating so far from home.  And if they cannot, they still have nukes.  We don't want to go there. 
  It's like the East German uprising in the 1950's, the Hungarian uprising in the late '50s, the Czechoslovakian uprising in the '60s.  We sympathized with the insurgents, but we didn't dare touch off a war with the Russians.  So let let the Russians crush the uprisings.  It's grin and bear it time, again. 

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