Saturday, February 15, 2014

How DO you make a wood stove burn cleaner?

Wood fires, pretty simple tech, you pile some logs up and watch 'em burn.  Dry hardwood burns a little cleaner than softwood, but other than that, what's to do?  And a wood stove is just a wood fire in a fire proof iron box.  Ben Franklin invented them.  So they have been around a long time.  Not much you can do to change the amount of smoke and soot. 
   Anyhow, our ever vigilant EPA thinks regulations can make wood burn cleaner.  Stove makers have to submit their stoves to EPA labs for testing, at their expense.  In January the EPA decided to lower the limits on soot emissions.  They claim that wood smoke and soot is a terrible health hazard, nearly as bad as second hand cigarette smoke.  By making it impossible to make a compliant wood stove they will save the country untold dollars in medical costs.   Right.  Compared to Ben Franklin's time, when everyone heated with wood,  wood smoke is just not a problem in the 21st century. 
   If you heat with wood, you have a problem.  More people heat with wood than heat with furnace oil.  12% of American homes  heat with wood, only 7% heat with oil.  Since you won't be able to buy a stove, you will have to make one.  An old oil drum makes a nice warm stove.
   And then the greenie controlled states are passing laws forbidding the sale of home with "non compliant" woodstoves.  You have to take the stove out and scrap it to make the sale.  Practically no woodstoves have passed the tighter EPA soot limits. 
   If you regulate it they will come....

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