Friday, February 28, 2014

Do we really need PreK?

Pre Kindergarten education for four year olds.  Obama and DeBlasio have been plumping for it, calling for new taxes to pay for it.  Question: Does PreK education to any good?  Or are the kids just too young to get anything out of it?  Head Start, the federal preK program started by JFK, doesn't seem to do much good.  Studies show that any difference between Head Start kids and other kids is pretty much gone by third grade.  Parents do find that PreK solves the daycare problem nicely, but that's about it.
   Way back when, I have wonderful memories of playing out of doors with the Center St gang when I was 4 and 5.  Having to start school when I was 6 was a downer.  Playing with the gang beat sitting at a desk any day.  Do we have to coop kids up in school so young? 

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