Sunday, February 16, 2014

Scoring presidents on executive order count.

Doing so reveals true ignorance, or rabid partisan ship on behalf of the newsie.   There are plenty of legitimate reasons to issue executive orders.  Some presidents were more administratively minded and liked to have policy set down in writing.  Others accomplished their jobs in a more informal manner, face to face or over the telephone. 
   The sticking point is executive orders that address matters assigned to Congress or the courts by the Constitution.  For instance Article I Section 8 says that Congress shall have the power to establish a uniform rule of Naturalization thruout the United States.   When Obama used an executive order to establish the "dream act" he is issuing an executive order that should be rights be an Act of Congress.  Especially as the "dream act" had failed to pass Congress only a few months before. 
   Obama has been able to get away with this one for two reasons.  First nobody has standing to sue him over it, and second, many people think the "dream act" is a good idea.
   It's not the number of executive orders, but the content of them. 

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