Thursday, September 17, 2015

Republican debate on CNN

Well, it wasn't as good as the Fox debate last month.  The Donald survived the evening without taking a serious hit, despite the fact that everyone on stage was gunning for him and the "moderators" were egging them on with "Trump said this about you, what do you think" questions.   Carly came on strong, very convincing, eloquent, substantive.  Marco Rubio looked and sounded good.  JEB Bush showed more spunk than I've seen from him in the past.
   For us voters, we should be looking for a good winning candidate, who could govern effectively.  There is Trump.  I got big reservations about him.  I fear his blunt, rude manner would anger everyone in the country, and overseas.  It's hard to get anything done if everyone is trying to get even with you.  I also wonder about Trump's motives, what does he really want to do?  I'm thinking about  the incumbent who campaigned as a liberal democrat, but once elected he revealed his Communist agenda.  What is Trump's agenda, really?
  If we are not going Trump, then who is our best bet?  Carly looks good to me.  She has experience, she speaks plainly and well, she could get it done.  Marco Rubio looks and sounds good.  Ben Carson is polite and soft spoken, so soft spoken I wonder about his resolve in the clutch. 
   I don't like Rand Paul, he is an isolationist.  He wants to pull back to North America and let the rest of the world burn down. 
   Chris Christy came on strong and feisty, and he was the strongest defender of / warrior for  the drug war, which doesn't excite me.   Far as I am concerned, pot should be a states issue, decided by votes in the state legislature, not by judicial dictators.  It is no business of the Feds.
   The questions mostly sucked.  Way to go CNN.

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