Sunday, September 13, 2015

Whining vs Substance.

Bernie Sanders was on Meet the Press this morning.  He came out strongly against "income inequality".  Sounds good Bernie, but whatcha gonna DO about it?   Far as I can see, Bernie is just whining about a problem, he does even bother to quantifiy it, like just how bad is it right now?  Unless you can put numbers on the problem, you don't know squat about it.
   And, whatcha gonna DO about it?  Hike my taxes?  Increase federal regulation?  Howza about cutting the cost of US health care?  We are putting 19% of GNP into health care.  Our international competitors, places like Germany and Japan, and Britain, first world industrial countries,  only put 8% of GNP into health care.  For spending (wasting) twice as much money on health care, the US health is no better, in fact slightly worse than many first world countries.
   Howsabout killing the war on coal?   Howzabout  doing oil exploration leases off shore and on federal land?  Howsabout doing Keystone XL?
   Bernie,  until you say what you want to do about "income inequality" you ain't speaking to me. 

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