Sunday, September 13, 2015

They are still out there, computer virii that is.

Trusty Desktop started getting slow and then flaky.  After something killed off Firefox in the midst of making a post, I decided to get on it. I did the three finger salute and up came Task Manager.  The Applications Window only showed Task Manager running, but the Process Window showed something called 80454612.exe was active.  Never heard of that fellow before, and he is probably malware.  That and I had three instances of regsrv32.exe running.  Regsrv32 is a real Micro$oft program but I never saw him running before, and having three copies of him running is a bad sign.

 So, I run the Micro$oft Malicious Software Removal tool, a full scan.  Took 2 1/2 hours but it reported 11 hits.  All connected with something called win32/miuref.f.  So I told the tool to zap them all.  Then thinking that Micro$oft doesn't know as much as they think they know, I downloaded a fresh copy of the freeware Malwarebytes.  The freeware is still available, although they try real hard to sell you a payware version and it takes some snooping around to find the freeware.  Malwarebytes  found 33 hits.  A lot of 'em connected with something called Trojan.Miuref.THD, which sounds like the same thing the Malicious Software Removal Tool found, and apparently failed to clean up all the way.
  Guess I ought to try a couple of more anti virus programs, what one misses another may find.  But two runs getting hits is enough for today.  Trusty Desktop feels more lively. 

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