Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Hillary comes out against Keystone XL

She offered no reasons for her newish stand.  She called the project a "distraction".  Which means nothing.  Since she offers no reasons for her new public stand, I gotta think it's politics.  She is appealing to the party's greenies, at the expense of the unions. Unions like Keystone XL 'cause it will employ a million of their members, which is important to unions.  Obviously she thinks there are more greenie votes out there than there are union votes. 
   I wonder who does Hillary's polling and did they get this right?   Somehow I think there are more union people (union members and their families) out there than card carrying Sierra Club greenies.  I might be wrong, but so might Hillary. 
   Maybe some union people will see the light and vote Republican. 

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