Sunday, September 27, 2015

More thoughts on John Boehner

I'm listening to some pundit saying that Boehner didn't fight hard enough for something or other.  He was too ready to compromise.
   There speaks a pundit with his head wedged.
   Speaker of the House has just his own single vote.  To get anything passed, he needs to get 51% of reps to vote for it.  Which means that 51% has to like the speaker, trust the speaker, and go along with the speaker even when their constituents may not agree.  The speaker cannot go about offending people by constantly fighting over issues, he has to be seen as fair, unbiased, and trustworthy.  If he throws his weight around, he pisses people off, and then he won't have the votes next time he needs them. 
   Given the deep differences inside the Republican party, and the differences with the Democrats, I think Boehner has done the best that can be done.  There is only so much that oil poured on troubled waters can do.  I'm sorry to see him go.
   I wish his successor, whom ever that may be, the best possible luck.  He is gonna need it.

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