Saturday, February 20, 2016

Another favorite store goes down hill

The Good Will Store on old US Rte 1 used to have a lot of decent used clothes.  I used to hit the place every month or so and score some nice shirts and slacks.  You could go down the row of men's shirts and just feel them, the one with a good feel you took out of the rack and inspected.  I'd find a first class maker's tag, L.L. Bean or Hathaway, or suchlike, on a nice shirt.
  Not anymore.  I stopped in yesterday, and huge row of men's shirts were all plain white or plain blue uniform shirts, the sort of thing McDonald's issues to their help.  And I wouldn't wear anyplace.  And the small kitchen appliances are gone and the stereo components are gone.  My home stereo, speakers and all, cam from that store in years past. 
   I probably won't stop there again. 

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