Sunday, February 14, 2016

Mclaughlin Shouting Hour debates drafting women

They spent 15 minutes of the 30 minute show discussing this one.  To be technical about it, they were discussing requiring women to register for the draft, the way men are required to do.  All the obvious arguments pro and con were advanced. 
  Actually, Nixon ended the draft back some 40 odd years ago.  Because the government can never shut anything down, they left the requirement for men to register, just to give Selective Service something to do and avoid massive layoffs of bureaucrats.
   Nobody really expects to start up the draft again.  The all volunteer army seems to attract enough recruits to fight things like the Iraq war.  Nobody expects to do a World War III with 10 million men under arms.  So to my way of thinking  we might as well drop the requirement for men to register for the draft and then we have full sexual equality about the draft.
  I remember going back to my old high school for alumni day many years ago.  I ran into a few students all hot and bothered about the requirement to register for the draft.  This might have been sometime in the 1980's.  I laughed at them.  I told them when I was a senior there  we had a real draft and we wound up carrying M-16's thru the rice paddies of south east Asia. I went and my two brothers went.  All these kids had to do was fill out some paperwork. 

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