Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Obama does an Op-Ed in the WSJ

Nice big half a page with am illustration Op Ed piece.  "Protecting US Innovation From Cyberthreats". Sound great.  Only trouble is, the Op-Ed contains zilch about protecting anything.  Lotta nice empty words, typical Obama speak, but nothing of substance.  He does promise to spend money,  $19 billion on the "Cyber Security National Action Plan" what ever that might be.  And another $3 billion on federal IT.  And a new bureaucrat,  the Chief Information Security Officer, salary unspecified.  And another unfunded effort to "build a corps of cyber professionals" to "push best practices at every level".   And a new "cyber security Center of Excellence".  And a new "bipartisan Commission on Enhancing National Cybersecurity".
   Does anyone really think adding more bureaucrats, more funding, and more bureaucracy is gonna keep the hackers out?
   The real situation is this.  Any computer connected to the public internet or the public phone system is vulnerable to invasion and plundering.  Windows computers are ten time more  vulnerable than any other sort of computer.  We must never store valuable information on computers connected to the public internet.  And we should never store valuable information on any sort of Windows computer. They are like Swiss cheese, full of holes.  If we made this nation wide policy we would be a helova lot more secure than we are now.
   Obama doesn't understand any of this.  In fact I doubt that Obama knows how to boot up his laptop. 

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