Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Could The Donald beat The Bern?

Who knows right now?  And New Hampshire doesn't decide the nominations, but a smashing win in New Hampshire certainly makes a good start to winning the nomination.  It surely gains you lots of media attention.  I haven't seen any polls on a Trump-Sanders matchup.  The few I have seen of a Trump Hillary matchup were not good, the polls had Hillary beating the Donald by a slim margin.  Not that polls mean all that much this early. 
   This ought to be a Republican year.  Obama has been wreaking the US economy for 7 years now, and he has thrown a bunch a people out of work, lowered everyone's earnings.  If the US voters have any sense left, they will vote for a Republican this time.  If the Republicans can nominate a decent candidate.  Trouble with Trump is his very high negatives.  Gallup says 60% of voters don't like Trump.  That's scary.
    Will the Bern's free stuff be enough to win over The Donald?
    Could the #2 finisher, Kasich, be a better candidate for the GOP?

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