Saturday, July 27, 2013

Eddie the Markey rides again.

I used to live in Ed Markey's district.  He was an amiable idiot, always campaigning for regulation of something.  He started out campaigning for federal regulation of cable TV rates.  That was way back when we still had over the air TV.  Instead of allowing customers who felt they were being overcharged to cancel their cable service, he wanted to slap a rate cap on what was a luxury service. 
   Now that he has become a US senator, thanks to the ever so wise voters of Massachusetts, he wants to set up Federal regulation of amusement park rides.  Ostensibly this is in reaction to the horrible accident at Six Flags over Texas.  We couldn't leave it up to the insurance companies or the states, oh no, we need to create a vast new Federal bureaucracy, well staffed and well paid, with excellent benefits, to do something that other agencies have been doing nicely for many years. 
  Anyhow the Fox TV newsies have been expressing surprise at Markey's call for action.  They should not be surprised, Markey has been doing this kind of stuff for 30 years.  Anybody with experience in Massachusetts knows Markey's style by now.

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