Sunday, July 21, 2013

Infrastructure in NH

Democrats did a lot of whining about lack of infrastructure maintenance in NH.  It was so bad they wanted to hike the gas tax for it.  Jeeze to hear the democrats talk, you'd think we were going back to dirt roads.
Yesterday they started resurfacing Streeter Pond road.  I'll grant that Streeter Pond was in pretty bad shape, but it's so low down on the totem pole, it isn't even a second class road, it's third class or fourth class, as low as a road can go.  I only use it to get to Varney & Smith's lumber yard from Franconia.  Other than that, only the few farmers who live on it, care.
  They had a big ole yellow road grader taking up the old pavement, right down to the dirt.  Plain old brown dirt, none of your pricey gravel fill up here.  This is more than the usual slap on another coat of asphalt quickie repair. And they didn't have to hike the gas tax to get 'er done.

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