Thursday, July 18, 2013

Whitey Bulger.

A witness in the Whitey Bulger trial turned up dead out in Lincoln.  What is a Southie guy doing out in Lincoln?  Lincoln is a tony, pricey, white bread suburb far outside Rte 128.  The T doesn't run there.  You gotta drive to get to Lincoln.  Mobsters don't retire to Lincoln after they have made their pile.  They settle in places like Melrose and Malden. 
   So if this stiff drove out to Lincoln and died of natural causes, or suicide, where is his car?  If he drove out to Lincoln in a friend's car, surely a friend would not just dump the body by the side of the road.  At least anyone who would do that ain't much of a friend. 
   One the other hand,  friends of Whitey's might take the dead man for a ride, and  Lincoln is as good a place to dump a body as anywhere. 
  Color this death highly suspicious. 

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