Monday, July 29, 2013

Thought Crimes and uniform regulations

According to the TV news the case against Bradley Manning, the Wikileaks leaker, revolves around Manning's intent.  If Manning meant to harm the US, long jail term.  If he thought he was a whistle blower he gets off.
   This isn't right.  Manning revealed classified documents to people who lacked clearances, who lacked a need to know, and who were not service members, who were not even US citizens.  That's illegal and ought to be enough to punish him good and hard.  The case should not revolve around intent.   Intent is thought.  We should not be trying thought crimes, where the defendant can be found guilty for thinking the wrong thoughts.  Crime must consist of actions, not thoughts.
  Watching Manning of TV, I see that the Army has revised the Class A uniform.  It's now dark, almost black, with silver piping on the epaulets, like the Nazis used to do.  Goes with the retro Civil War style shoulder straps on the officer's uniforms. 

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