Saturday, July 27, 2013

Grassroots politicking at the Haverill Fair

Haverill puts on an old fashioned fair.  A midway, rides, cotton candy, horse pulls, the works.  We put up a booth for the Grafton Republican Party, and manned it with politicians and party workers.  We had Ray Burton, Jeanne Forrester and  Jim Reubins for pols, and a bunch of party workers.  You get to see real voters, lots of 'em, having a good time. 
   After all the TV whining about obesity, there wasn't much in evidence among fairgoers.  Kids and teenagers were all thin as rails, decently dressed, well behaved, and happy.  Haircuts for boys varied from the 1/2 inch buzz cut to shoulder length.  As people got older, they put on some weight, the 40 year olds were uniformly heavier than the 18 year olds, but that's nature.  I think the TV obesity whiners have over played their hand.  Among the crowd were a lot of couples, of all ages, many holding hands, as they strolled about the exhibits.  Clearly the couples were enjoying each others company as much as the delights of the county fair. 
   We managed to engage the politically active in discussion, but most voters merely gave a friendly nod as they strolled by. 

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