Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Stand your ground protects us against criminal justice crazies

Eric Holder is on a tear about stand your ground laws in the aftermath of the dreadful Martin-Zimmerman case.  He is claiming they promote violence.
Not true.  Stand your ground laws were enacted to curb abusive prosecutors, like Holder.  When they started to prosecute home owners who shot home invaders, motorists who shot car jackers, and store keepers who shot robbers,  the public took alarm and passed stand your ground laws to put a stop to this atrocious behavior by the criminal justice system. 
  The laws usually read something like this.  Use of deadly force is legitimate in defense of your home, your motor vehicle, your place of business, and any other place your have a right to be.  The last clause was added to prevent weasel lawyers from  twisting words and limiting the definition of home to exclude such things as rental property.  You know how it is with weasels.
  Stand your ground had nothing to do with the Martin-Zimmerman trial.  When your opponent has you flat on your back and is pounding your head into the cement, retreat is impossible. 

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