Saturday, October 31, 2015

College Paperpushers should not be trying cases of rape.

First of all, let's talk rape, a serious crime, a felony.  It's not "sexual assault" which can be anything the girl doesn't like.  Rape used to be a capital offense, subject to the death penalty.  Crime doesn't get more serious than that
   Now let's look at college administrators.  No legal training, no practical experience outside the ivory tower, and most of them true believers in various weird ideologies.  Do you want your son's future, his career, at the mercy of this kind of loser? 
  No way.  The police and the courts are the proper place to try cases of rape.  The courts have safeguards for defendants, some of them going back in time to Richard the Lion Heart.  They have been in business longer than any college.  They are fairer than any kangaroo court run by college administrators. 
   A girl who has been raped should go to the police.  If she goes to college administrators, they should be required to send her to the police.  They ought to offer transportation to the police station as well


DCE said...

I have warned more than a few of the sons of family friends to reconsider going to college and think about taking online courses along with some night classes. Either that or think about joining the military rather than be a male on campus. At least if they're sent overseas to fight in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, or any of the other hellholes there they'll have a means of defending themselves. They'll be safer there getting shot at rather than being a "future rapist still walking free" on a college campus.

BTW, I haven't forgotten the list of indie authors. I've just been too busy until now to address it.

Dstarr said...

Joining the military is always a good idea, especially when you are young and single. It's harder to do after you get married. I went in for six years, got a lot of good experience, learned a lot of things that have been very valuable in my career, and the GI bill paid for my electrical engineering degree. Plus I look back on my service years as good years. I, and both my brothers, served a tour in SEA during the war and we all came back in one piece. Compared to the Cong, those middle east ragheads don't look all that dangerous.