Sunday, October 18, 2015

Need to tame the wildlands

Wildlands are places lacking effective government, where terrorists like the late Osama Bin Laden can set up shop, and pull off a 9/11.  We, the United States, cannot permit wildlands to exist.  If you don't believe this, I can show you a couple big holes in the ground in Manhattan.  And 3000 American dead, worse than Pearl Harbor.
   Any government that  cannot control who operates on their territory needs something done.  Sometimes assistance, arms, helicopters, advisers, or money is enough.  Sometimes regime change is in order.  For example Al Quada, ISIS, and the Taliban are hostile, they live to destroy us, no amount of diplomacy or bribery is going to change that, they need to be destroyed, ASAP.
   Once we get into a place and do regime change, Syria for example, we gotta carry it thru.  We need to find some decent locals to hold office, we have to back them up with US armed forces, we need to get their economies working and growing.  In a lot of places we need to do land reform, break up the big plantations and give out forty acre plots to the tenant farmers and sharecroppers.  Most terrorists start out being unemployed, then they get radicalized 'cause they got nothing better to do.  Make the local economy grow, create jobs, and potential ISIS recruits will stay on their jobs rather than sign up with ISIS.
   The new regimes we establish don't have to be very democratic.  They need to gain effective control of their national territory.  For which they need a decent rapport with their citizens, other wise they loose effective control.  The citizens have to be reasonably happy with the new regime.  Otherwise it won't work.  If a new regime doesn't work out, we have to be prepared to depose it, and put in a better one.   
   All this can take time, years, especially in uncivilized places like Syria and Afghanistan.  But it is essential work that must be done, or we will have more big craters in our cities.
   The democrats, and some Republicans on the weird wing dispute this.  They call it "nation building", expensive and unnecessary.  They want the United States to pull back, retreat, to North America and let the rest of the world go down the tubes.  They don't seem to realize, even after 9/11, that terrorists operating out of wildlands can do us enormous harm.  They will have nukes next time. 

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