Wednesday, October 21, 2015

I wish Paul Ryan every sort of luck

He is gonna need it.  If he becomes speaker, he has to deal with a badly splintered Republican party, and the Speaker doesn't have many carrots or sticks to bring low speed Congress Critters into line.  A lot of reps are doing their own thing, putting sticks in the wheels of progress and getting away with it.  Too many Republican reps like to fight just for the sake of fighting.  They want to pick fights they will never win, just for the publicity they get from picking a fight.  Others, RINOs, are entirely too willing to give Obama what he wants with out even charging him a price.  
   Hopefully Ryan has demanded some party loyalty from the obstreperous Republican cabals as a price for accepting the Speakership.   
  Ryan ought to make a good speaker, he is intelligent, well informed, fair, and a nice guy to boot.  If Republicans cannot give a guy like Ryan their support in Congress, the party is doomed. 

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