Saturday, October 31, 2015

Obama dispatches two platoons to Syria

Fifty men, allegedly all Special Forces, ain't much in any scheme of things.  It ain't enough to make a difference in Syria.  To hear to lefties and the isolationists wailing on TV,  you would think Obama had done something serious like declaring WWIII.
   I wish our men well.  I don't think 50 guys can accomplish anything much.  To do Syria right would take a full armored division, say 10,000 men, a lotta tanks and APC's, and air supremacy.   With that, we could depose Assad, push the Russians out, establish a decent government of our choosing. and destroy ISIS or drive them out of the country.
   To win WWII we mobilized a hundred divisions.  Seventy years later, we ought to be able to mobilize just one.

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