Monday, January 9, 2017

About that Florida Airport shooter

Apparently the lawyers don't charge anyone with murder anymore.  The Florida shooter was arranged in court today and charged with a laundry list of obscure crimes that I had never heard of, not not murder.  To my way of thinking, shooting five people dead in baggage claim is five counts of murder.  Lawyers of course live in their own little world.  They didn't charge Dylan Roof with murder either. 
  And this perp walked into an FBI office in Alaska and said he was hearing voices in his head.  Now that's gotta be a tip off to even the dumbest cop that this suspect has a screw loose.  So our valiant FBI, instead of dealing with the matter themselves, passes the buck to the local cops, who take the nut case to a mental hospital.  Where some shrink, confronted with a real live homicidal maniac who hears voices in his head, decides he is harmless and turns him loose.  They ever give him his gun back.  I wonder who that highly trained and experienced shrink was.  And why the shrink was unable to recognize a homicidal nut case when presented with one.  If we learned the name of this shrink, maybe the next time the shrink will commit the nut case rather than turning him loose.  It also would be nice to learn the name of the mental hospital involved.  There was a serious screwup here and the society would be better off for castigating those derelict in their duty.
   And a final observation.  If the passengers at Florida have been allowed to carry heat, they would have saved some lives, maybe not all, but enough.  

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