Friday, January 20, 2017

The TV is on, and the Inaugural is the only thing happening in the whole wide world

Early this morning the Fox crew was getting some "man in the crowd" shots.  Big crowd, all enthusiastic, lotta red Trump hats, some NRA hats, rain gear.  Everyone one in the crowd was happy the chant USA. USA, or Trump, Trump.  I'd call it solid support. 
   The parade didn't get off until nearly 4 PM, it will be dark before the last marchers get past the reviewing stand.  They had a platoon of Redcoats, Brown Bess muskets and all, march by.  Melania Trump showed up in a stunning blue suit that made her look like a million dollars. 
  Other than the drizzling rain that lasted on and off all day, it was a good show. 

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