Saturday, January 21, 2017

Donald Trump vs the MSM. Who will win?

President Trump understands that the MSM is out to get him.  They have a giant megaphone, and with only a few honorable exceptions, they all speak with one voice.  They don't like Donald Trump, and they plan to make his term as president as miserable as they can. 
   President Trump has been pretty vigorous in trashing the MSM for dishonesty and slanted stories.  He understands publicity and public relations as well as they do. The presidency is still a bully pulpit.   He understands that mud sticks.  When they smear you, you have to say something, the public isn't going to forget the smear.  If they don't hear the target defend himself, they assume he is guilty.  They assume that an innocent man will defend himself against the smears, no defense, and the guy is probably guilty.  Trump understands this, and had defended himself vigorously, and so far, it has worked for him.  His twitter account is smoking hot, and it puts President Trump's views in front of the entire nation, and the MSM does' get a chance to slant or edit his views.  The MSM has been bitching about Trump's tweets because they cut the MSM out of the game.  It's like FDR's famous fireside chats in the 1930's.  Roosevelt's words went nationwide unedited and unslanted. 
    And the MSM has damaged it's credibility during last year's campaign.  Now, few Americans believe what they see on TV or read in the papers.  When Trump slams the MSM, the voters are inclined to believe him.
   I don't see a truce coming.  I think we are going see a head on collision between the President and the MSM.  There is a fair chance the MSM will loose. 

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