Sunday, January 15, 2017

Routine Healthcare is pricey

The insurance company sent a summary of my healthcare expenses for 2016.  Grand total for the year, $1338.  All I did this year was two routine doctor's office visits, and one visit to the eye doctor.  That's $446 per visit, each visit taking about an hour of my time and half an hour of the doctor's time.  That's $14.86 per minute, $223 per hour.  Anyone remember Brer Rabbit bragging that he was making a dollar a minute?  That's cheap compared to medical care these days. 
   Totally routine visits, just checking up.  I had no complaints, the doctor's scheduled the visits, twice a year for my general practitioner, once a year for my eye doctor.
   God only knows what it would cost if there was actually anything wrong with me. 

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