Sunday, January 29, 2017

New Hampshire GOP holds its annual meeting

I'm a delegate so I went.  Had to get up at 5:45 to get down to Derry by 8 AM.  It was snowing lightly in the Notch.  I managed to get up my driveway and out on the road just before the town plow plowed me in.  I93 was a tad slippery up in the Notch but dried out nicely by the time I got to N. Woodstock. 
   It being the annual meeting, many of us, yours truly included, wore coat and tie.  It being New Hampshire, a lot of people showed up in blue jeans and hunting shirts.  Meeting was called to order at 9.  The only real business to address was election of the State Chairman.  Somehow this took all day, we didn't get adjourned until 2:30.  Lot of people got tired and left early. 
   There was the usual opening exercises, Governor Sununu gave a short speech, all the reports (treasurer, bylaw committee, etc) were read.  This lasted til 10, and then trouble decended.  Somebody got 9 or 10 changes to the party bylaws onto the agenda.  The changes were poorly written, few of us delegates could understand what the bylaw changes meant and they started out with a confusing voting system were a yes vote was actually a no vote.  They gave up on that after first amendment sucked up a half an hour before getting voted down.  Another couple of hours was consumed voting down the rest of 'em, all except one, which authorized paying a salary to the state chairman.  That passed cause most of the delegates could see that state chairman is a full time job, and few people can do a full time job without a salary.  Real people have bills to pay. 
   Then we got to voting in new officers, treasurer, asst treasurer, secretary, asst secretary, vice chair, area chairs, and finally, we voted in Jeane Forester as state party chairman.  That got us up to a little after 2PM and then we called it a day and adjourned.  I got back home just around 5PM.  Stupid Beast was glad to see me. 

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