Wednesday, January 11, 2017

So I watched the Sen Jeff Sessions hearings on TV

It went on and on.  Sessions came across as a decent guy.  Three or four bunches of demonstrators were "escourted" out of the room for yelling and waving signs.  They apparently got into the hearing room as spectators.  I wonder how that happened.  You would think the limited number of tickets to these hearings would go to newsies, politicians, and important citizens. How there were tickets left for scruffy looking demonstrators?   Who knows.
    A number of questions about policy were asked.  I would have answered them thusly, "The attorney general enforces the laws on the books.  If you don't like the current law, and judging by your questions you don't like current law, then pass another law.  But as attorney general I must enforce the laws on the books, not laws you wish were on the books."   Sessions didn't use this reply, which is one reason he is up for attorney general and I am not.  . 

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