Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Wow! Trump immigration policy makes big waves

As I get the story, Trump announced the ban on immigrants/visitors from seven African and Middle East countries Friday night.  By Saturday, someone[s] had organized sizable demos at the big airports, LAX in particular.  That's quick work.  How did they do that? and who is they?  Did "they" put the word out on social media?  If so, what media?   I'd join up with that media just to keep in touch with what's going on.  Did "they" use a telephone tree to call all "their" members?  Did "they" take out ads in the newspapers?  Is it possible to get a newpaper ad out that quickly? 
   Or did "they" have foreknowledge, from a leak somewhere in the Trump administration, so they could have more time to get the demo's rolling?
    And, are all those demonstrators going out with their signs just because they still hate Trump? Does anyone actually favor immigrants from pest holes like Somalia?
    The noble MSM are missing a lot of angles to this story. 

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Evan said...

Nearly all of the organization is happening via Facebook/Twitter - it becomes news after it's already taken off.

If you want to keep tabs on what's going on in Boston, you can mark yourself as interested in the events and you'll start to see them filter into your facebook feed.

There's another one in Boston tomorrow. We had large protests at Logan when Trump signed the immigrant ban. It's a huge problem for university students from those countries who were on break and can't come back into the country.


This is also part of an interesting problem where if you get most of your news from facebook - it will start to self-select and re-affirm your own viewpoints regardless of where they fall on the political spectrum.