Saturday, January 21, 2017

Do you love your plastic?

Every one gives it out.  Political parties, veterans aide groups, charities, the NRA, everyone.  Make a contribution, and you will get a membership card. Sometimes high grade plastic, like a credit card, sometimes cheaper cardboard.  Same size and shape as a credit card. The one from Judicial Watch was transparent plastic, a cute touch. 
  Why do we care?  Perhaps Walter Mitty rides again.  A vision of striding up to a closed and guarded door, flashing our membership card, the guards saluting and opening the door.  Right.  Happens all the time. 
   Do we think down deep that since they look like credit cards they might actually be credit cards?  With money on them?  Dream on.
   Dunno why, but before attending a party function I often stick the party member ship card in my wallet.  And, I don't chuck these things, I put them in my desk drawer against some future need.  Right now the stack of 'em is an inch thick. 
   And, come the next dear-member-please-send-money letter, I am just a tad more inclined to write out a check if I have a membership card in that one inch stack. 

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